“Here, take this journal, whenever you are happy, sad, or feeling in between...write,” said my grandmother.
Receiving my first journal at age six was the spark that ignited my passion for writing. I found myself up all night writing poems, stories and diary entries until all of the pages of my journal were full. My journal was my release; it allowed my imagination to run free. I loved the thrill I received from writing, and that is why I continue to tell stories today.
I earned my Master of Arts in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcast management from the University of Missouri in December 2019. 
 I plan to apply my skills in real-time to change the framing narratives of minorities in the media. After years of professional practice, it is my dream to establish my own production company, in which I allow multicultural creatives to tell their stories in the most authentic way. It is my mission to be truthful and connect people by explaining the human experience.

It's my job to report truth in a manner that is humanistic, accurate and ethical. It is my mission to do all of those things, and give back to my community by founding a college scholarship program and mentorship hub for inner city youth.