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Welcome to the Char Got _____ series. 

Char Got Grad School - A chronicle of my master's program and self-help for perspective and current graduate students. Available on IGTV + YouTube Sundays 6/5c. 

Char Got Gems - Daily inspirational Gems for all. Available on all of my social platforms.

Char Got Adventures - A chronicle of my travels and adventures. Available on IGTV + YouTube biweekly on Saturdays 6/5c.

Char Got Fit - A chronicle of my health and fitness journey. 

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It's All Inside of You

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Char Got Grad School - Ep. 1: Why Grad School?

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Char Got Gems - Oct. 26, 2018

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Char Got Adventures - Ep. 1 Mizzou Alum at ISU Homecoming

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