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Audio: Lack of nurses affect staff safety at Fulton State Hospital 
Fulton Hostpital Staff Safety -
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The Missouri Department of Mental Health is facing a workforce crisis. 95 of Missouri’s 114 counties currently have a shortage of mental health professionals. Nurses at Fulton State Hospital say this shortage is making their job harder and more dangerous. 

Visual: Farm to table consequences cause uncertain solutions

Farm to Table, a recent Missouri legislative expansion on Farm to School, was intended to get small farmers and public institutions working together. A small business is working to meet these institutions’ large demands by gathering produce from small area farms into local distribution hubs. Despite these initiatives, many farmers are still choosing to do it on their own.

Audio: Columbia Area Senate Race Driven By MU's Presence 
Columbia Senate Race - Unknown Artist
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Politicians need to please their party and their constituents. But those interests are at odds in one Missouri state senate race. My team explored the University of Missouri’s role in the District 19 Senate election.

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